Ecuador Boutique Hotels

Small hotel brand in Ecuador

Ecuador Boutique Travel and Latin Trails present you with our hotel and accommodation partners brand : Ecuador Boutique hotels - unique lodging around Ecuador at small and private hotels, haciendas and lodges.

We have created the finest small hotel pool for lodging around Ecuador through a one-of-a-kind partnership established to direct all reservations through ONE CENTRAL BOOKING OFFICE.

Only the finest properties were granted membership to this pool allowing only the best accommodation options in each city or location to join based on the following criteria:

  • Comfort, safety and amenities. Hotels in our chain offer the finest rooms available in their area, plus they have strict quality standards to follow.
  • Local flair. Our properties are unique and have Ecuador written all over them, we have ruled out international chains and cookie cutter made hotels in favour of those that fit in and go well with the destination.
  • Location, location, location. All properties offer spectacular surroundings, majestic views and are close to the most important attractions in the country.
  • Value. The price of the hotel, lodge or hacienda makes every traveller feel they are getting a true bargain, yet they are staying at the very finest place available in the locality.
  • Service. Every guest is a VIP, the staff at each location is willing to walk every extra mile to offer customer satisfaction.
  • Each property is very special. Some belong to the families of former Ecuadorian Presidents, others to devoted ecologists and even local communities. Our accommodation options include Haciendas (Large estates located in the countyrside), Country Inns, Colonial Mansions, Beach resorts, Jungle lodges and Small yet high end city hotels.
  • Sustainable travel. We strongly enforce responsible tourism and we have included the finest community run lodges. These properties offer great comfort but most importantly some the finest cultural experiences you will find in all of South America.

We cater to tour operators and wholesalers who organize, lead and / or sell tours to Ecuador. We can assist travel companies in obtaining contracts for allotments and free sell at some of our properties as well as offer net rates and group discounts.