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Ecuador 4 worlds in a nutshell

Ecuador offers four unique regions with diverse activities within small compact areas. Don't plan on rushing through Ecuador. You'll need time to appreciate the  collection of animal , plants landscapes and people that reside in each region. Ecuador is one of the most rewarding travel destinations in South America.

Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world in spite of its small size, it ranks number 8 in variety of species out of which more than 20% are endemic. It is considered one of the finest places for birdwatching on the planet if not the best. Its irregular topography and amazing landscapes are beautiful backdrop for practicing every adventure sport known to man, Ecuador is land of Adventure. The people are amazingly friendly and welcome visitors with an open heart, they own a rich cultural heritage and they enjoy sharing it. Travellers can immerse themselves in live cultures and learn about the ancient people who lived here throughout the millenia.

The architecture of colonial cities is a unique blend of indigenous, spanish, moorish and other sytles including baroque, neoclasic and gothic. Quito and Cuenca specially are loaded with colonial mansions, churches filled with the most bizarre religious art as well as museums and flowered plazas.

In the countryside the colonial days left behind large estates known as haciendas, that for several reasons there land has been split-up leaving only the main farm house. These haciendas are like Andean castles from the feudal era, where indigenous people where forced to work on the weaving looms and in the fields. Today they are a historic icon of the country.

Ecuador being a land of volcanoes and majestic snowcapped mountains is gifted with hundreds of fountains creating natural spa´s in the most exotic locations, visitors can enjoy the healing waters of these thermal baths and hot springs.

The enchanted Islands of the Galapagos archipelago are considered one of the best nature destinations on the planet and one of the top dive spots. Yet they are only a small part of Ecuadorthe country is like a Galapagos at large with thousands of endemic species from medicinal plants to wild animas and unique birdlife. For many visitors Galapagos is the only reason to visit Ecuador, we invite you to broaden your perspective and enjoy an untapped treasure of wildlife and culture Ecuador has to offer.

The above facts and the rising interest in Ecuador have moved local hospitality to convert the historic haciendas, colonial mansions into boutique hotels and many an entrepeneur or visionary has built unique small designer hotels, lodges and resorts in the Andes, Amazon and Pacific coast of this wonderful country called Ecuador.

We invite you to enjoy Ecuador and its wonderfull variety of attractions, Ecuador Boutique hotels offers visitors charming places to stay all around Ecuador in its every region even in the most remote and exotic areas.