Bellavista cloudforest lodge

Bellavista cloudforest lodge

Bellavista is a dream come true for every nature lover and bird-watcher whose imagination is stimulated by the idea of a Cloud Forest. Started in 1991, what was initially a 55 hectare reserve has now become a  certified Ecolodge with a 700 hectare private reserve. For anyone  who seeks to immerse in its mysteries, soak in its vast views, anyone who wants to discover its rare and endemic birds, orchids and other species, anyone who wants to discover true peace and wild places, this is the place!!.

Bromeliads and orchids, hummingbirds and tanagers, toucans and antpittas, all vie for our attention, and could keep any dedicated naturalist enthused for a lifetime of observation.  Add to that the sense of adventure hiking the forest trails, or deep adventure hiking up streams to reach hidden waterfalls……and you have the ingredients for a travel experience of a lifetime.

Less than 1 hour 45 minutes from the heart of Quito city, Bellavista is at the top of the famed Tandayapa Valley, in an area that has won the highest  24 hour bird count several times in the Audubon Christmas Bird Count for the Americas.

We offer our guests a unique stay above the forest canopy! We have an excellent network of trails, over 10 km in length, ranging from easy to genuine adventure.
We have 4 waterfalls, all deep in the forest and truly beautiful.

In this lofty paradise you can lie in bed and watch the sun rise over Bellavista or watch the mist lift from the deep valleys below.

Our Lodge offers all the comforts of home: hot showers, comfortable beds, friendly staff, plenty of relaxation, and delicious food. Our kitchen staff provides the finest in Ecuadorian and international cuisine (vegetarian, trout, and chicken - red meat not usually offered) and refreshments.

Our different houses offer single, double, triple and family rooms with private baths and windows overlooking the forests. There is also a dormitory-style, shared bath accommodation, with 360 degree views and a large balcony!



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