Hacienda Abraspungo

Hacienda Abraspungo

The "HACIENDA ABRASPUNGO"  is located at the 3½ kilometer marker on the way to Guano city, in a residential suburb named “Las Abras”, in the city of Riobamba, just 3 hours south from Quito the capital of Ecuador.

It’s name comes from two words:

“ABRAS”: from the Spanish word “abra”, which means a deep rupture in the hard earth, caused by erosion from water.

“PUNGO”: from quichua “pungu”, which means door or entrance.

ABRASPUNGO is also the name of a glacial valley which is located between the mountains Chimborazo and Carihuairazo, at 4.000 Mts. above sea level.

The idea to build ABRASPUNGO, began with the purpose of providing comfortable and peaceful lodging  for our customers, in peaceful countryside surroundings which offer the special micro-climate characteristic of the Guano valley.


The city of Riobamba, being located in the center of the country, is and obligated site of transit for tourists, and a link between north and south, coastal and oriental regions.

It’s also the center of expeditions and excursions to the mountains and National Parks such as Sangay, the nature reserve of Chimborazo and Carihuairazo. The most beautiful mountains in Ecuador are found surrounding Riobamba, forming one of the most spectacular landscapes in our Andes Mountain Range:

  • Chimborazo, the highest mountain in Ecuador (6.310 Mts.)
  • Carihuairazo (5.020 Mts.),
  • Igualata, which is over 4.000 Mts., high,
  • Tungurahua (5.087 Mts.),
  • Altar (5.404 Mts.), with its difficult peaks of ice and rock.
  • The Cubillines (4.711 Mts.).
  • Quillimas (4.680 Mts.).
  • Sangay (5.320 Mts.) which is the most active Volcano in Ecuador
  • Soroche (4.750 Mts.), and Achipungu (4.650 Mts.), these last two are found surrounding the myth filled lakes of Ozogoche.

The majestic beauty of the high Andes, with it’s great wealth of flora and fauna in the highlands and Andean regions, is refuge of the great biodiversity of the ecosystems of the highland and the brow of the mountain.

From Riobamba, almost every day you can visit the most original inter-ethnic markets of Ecuador, such as Zalarón, Guamote, Colta, Licto and Riobamba. Markets are where the different ethnic groups of Chimborazo manifest their principal social and economic relationships.

The Province of Chimborazo also has archeological vestiges of pre-Columbian and Spanish periods, such as the Puruha culture, the ancient city of Riobamba, the trail of the Incas, and the regal lodges of this pre-Columbian culture.

Riobamba continues to be the center of the railroad to the south, the old train offers tourist a ride departing from Riobamba and unfolds the impressive landscapea of the river Chanchán, and the gigantic excavation in the Andean granite know as “the devil’s nose”.



The “Tourist Lodge Abraspungu”, offers 32 luxury rooms.

  • 26 double rooms
  • 6 triple rooms

Each room bears the name of a mountain which is represented in it’s interior by photographs in black and white of its landscape.

Every Room includes

  • Private Bathroom with hot water
  • Telephone
  • TV
  • Room Service


  • We offer an excelent restaurant service with our exquisite country food. Dinner with live entertainment. Breakfeast is served from 5:00 am to 10:00 am
  • Bar Service with the pleasant and quiet atmosphere of the Ecuadorian countryside.
  • Telephone and fax lines, with international contact
  • Convention center for 50 persons: Salon Riobamba, Multiple uses include Cocktail Parties, Conventions and social gatherings, seminars etc. Capacity for ball room holds up to 50 persons with all the services.

The Abraspungo architectural style is “mestizo”, typical of the Ecuadorian countryside, ransoming the type of architecture used in the ancestral manors and mansions as well as the housing of the country men of Ecuador.

Stylishly decorated, with all types of ancestral objects used in farming, and very illustrative photographs of native landscapes and cultures, you can appreciate the richness of the natural resources that the province of Chimborazo and Ecuador in general offer to it’s tourists.

Other services

  • Laundry and ironing of clothing
  • Guarded parking
  • Lots of green pasture
  • Mail Service



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