Hacienda Manteles

Hacienda Manteles

Historic Estate

Located in the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes rests the luxurious Hacienda Manteles. Surrounded by nature, the entire atmosphere is energized with peace and flowers of many kinds including orchids, making the Hacienda a hummingbird haven.

Hacienda is a traditional Latin American farm or ranch that usually has a big family house. Manteles gives you the opportunity to experience what it is like to live in your own Hacienda.

In Hacienda Manteles every guest receives special treatment. The care and attention lavished on you makes the stay so exclusive. Due to its small size, the Hacienda can give personalized service. The idea is to make you feel at home, and for the farm to be your luxury home away from home.

Hacienda Manteles owns and protects about 100 hectars of virgin cloud forest. When you are a guest at the Hacienda, you are contributing to care for it and the environment.

Our well trained staff, the people who care for and interact with you, live at the farm.

The Hacienda turns to be a refuge from the world. As Elle Magazine stated, "It is hard to leave a place so close to heaven" (September 1992).

Located at the entrance to the Llanganates (where the legends say lies the fabulous treasure of Atahualpa, the Inca ruler slain by the Spaniards) with an altitude of 2,650 meters (8,268 feets) on the Andean Mountains of.Ecuador, 168 Kilometers (105 miles), south of Quito. The Hacienda can be reached within 3 hours by paved road from the capital city.


With all the activities listed below, you can create your own package, we will arrange transportation, guide, and any other service you need. We will be glad to help you organize a custom made tour that will make your vacation memorable. Just let us know your needs. There is trekking, hiking, horseback riding , bird watching, mountain biking, mountain climbing, fishing, exploring Manteles' cloud
forest and exploring the entrance to the Llanganates Cordillera (mountain
chain) and Day of Agriculture. There are also tours to Baños, the Salasaca Pueblo, the Panazleos museum, Riobamba, Chimborazo (highest mountain in Ecuador 20,561 ft / 6,267 m), and Altar.

Hiking, Trekking & Horseback riding trips

  • La Pirámide- natural bird observatory
  • La Cuchilla volcano observatory, you   can see the ....following volcanoes: 
    Tungurahua, Chimborazo, Carihuayrazo, Illiniza and Altar.
  • Llanganates- where the ....legends say lies the fabulous treasure of Atahualpa, the Inca ruler slain by the Spaniards.
  • Manteles Paramo.
  • Manteles' cloud forest ...(about   100 hectares).
  • Baños
  • San Jorge- town on top of a hill.
  • Las Antenas- Tungurahua .volcano observatory.


  • From the house- "...in Manteles not a single hour goes by without the curious wings of the hummingbirds fluttering around the windows of the living room..."
  • In the 100 hectares (250 acres) of cloud forest.
  • From La Pirámide- a natural bird observatory.

Mountain Biking

  • Entrance to the Llanganates Cordillera
  • City of Baños
  • Town Patate
  • San Jorge- town on top of a hill.

Cloud forest exploration

Manteles owns and protects about 100 hectares of virgin cloud forest. Here, you
can find endemic species of flora and fauna. 

Sport Fishing

Short trip to Rio Verde where you can sit safely or get into the river waters and fish for trout. The Rio Verde, with its crystalline waters, is at the slopes of the Llanganates Cordillera and arrives, a few kilometers away at the Amazon
jungle, forming The Devil's Caldron Waterfall and becoming some of the initial waters of the Amazon river (Rio Pastaza) that travels to the Atlantic Ocean.

A day of organic agriculture

Learn how to plant and cultivate different organic foods and products from the fields around. Harvest anything you feel like eating and the chef will prepare it for you. Also, visit farms and green houses.  During this day you can plant a tree, helping Manteles' forestation program.

City tour of Baños

Gateway to the Amazon rainforest. Visitors come to bathe in its hot mineral
baths, to admire the breathtaking scenery of the waterfall of Inés María and The
Devil's Caldron, or simply to enjoy its atmosphere.

Salasaca indigenous village

By special arrangement, you can visit this unique Indian tribe brought to Ecuador as Mitimaes from their native Bolivia by the Inca over 400 years ago, they have kept their native dress and customs.

City tour of Riobamba

Visit the beautiful restored convent, now the Museo de la Concepción. A drive up Mount Chimborazo offers a magnificent panorama.

Panzaleo Culture

Hacienda Manteles was home to the prehispanic culture of thePanzaleos (500 B.C.). Visit the Comunidad de Sucre where many of the Panzaleos' descendants live. Many archaeological vestiges of this ancient civilization are kept in their museum.


Just sit, relax, contemplate or read a book while drinking wine, tea or a cappuccino. Stay in front of the fireplace, listening to good music, enjoying the environment and nature's splendor.



Manteles has ten comfortable rooms, each with a private bathroom and hot water.


The land was home to the prehispanic culture of the Panzaleos (500 B.C.), some of whose archaeological remains have been found in the Hacienda. The dining room displays a beautiful authentic collection of their art.

When travelling it is nice to find a place that can offer comfort, personalized service courtesy, and good food. In Hacienda Manteles we work hard to accomplish those expectations. You will be in a home-style house of a family farm, charming and cousy, feeling at home. The house is painted in browns, yellows and greens to create harmony with the surroundings.

The living room has a main rock fireplace nice to sit by and relax, while reading, conversing, or having a hot cup of tea. You will see various species of hummingbirds coming to the windows all the time.

On the distance you can see the snow-capped Tungurahua Volcano, and if you walk down towards the garden you can enjoy many types of flowers and orchids that grow in Manteles cloud forest.



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