Hacienda Pinsaqui

Hacienda Pinsaqui

In the heart of Ecuador's lake district, Hacienda Pinsaquí, rich with centuries of history, invites you to become part of its magic, tradition, romance and legends.

Hacienda Pinsaquí is ideally situated at the base of Imbabura Volcano, just north of the world-famous Otavalo market, and only an hour-and-a-half from Quito, Ecuador's charming capital. Its location also allows effortless access to the region's many attractions: the lakes of San Pablo, Cuicocha and Mojanda, as well as the white colonial city of Ibarra and local handicraft villages like Cotacachi.

Hacienda Pinsaqui, which has 20 guest rooms and a succession of baronial sitting and dining rooms surrounded by gardens that have been cultivated for two centuries. The house, a sprawl of Spanish colonial buildings, terraces and walkways, has been in the same horse-loving family for five generations and is studded with equestrian trophies and photos.

Pinsaquí’s history stretches back over three centuries. Constructed in 1790, Hacienda Pinsaquí was originally a colonial textile enterprise, employing over one thousand weavers and spinners. Many of Pinsaquí’s fabrics were exported to the United States in the late 1800s where they first received international recognition. To this day, the Hacienda retains the character and authenticity of its earlier incarnation, making for a unique travel experience.

Over the centuries Pinsaquí has hosted numerous illustrious guests. Most famous of all is General Simón Bolívar, the revered liberator of Ecuador, who often spent the night at the hacienda on his trips to and from Bogotá, Colombia. Later in the nineteenth century, hacienda’s walls witnessed the "Treaty of Pinsaquí ," an historic peace agreement between Colombia and Ecuador.

Our unique hacienda makes an ideal base. Whether you are looking for outdoor pursuits, relaxation, antiques, handicrafts, and whether you are single, a couple or a family, we guarantee that a few days in our company will make your stay in Ecuador unforgettable.


  • Horseback Riding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking

Outdoor enthusiasts will delight in the variety of activities to keep you busy on a cool Andean afternoon. Notorious for its equestrian services, guests can horseback ride with a guide on trails that wind through the hills as far as the Imbabura Volcano. Well-trained horses allow riders of all levels to have an exciting and memorable adventure. Mountain bikes are also available for rent, just let the staff know in advance how many your group will need. All hiking, biking, and riding can be done with a guide who will be able to take you through a variety of trails.

  • Artisan markets: The nearby town of Otavalo, population 20,000, is world-renowned for its marvellous indigenous market. Throughout the week, there is an abundance of traditional weavings and handicrafts to be found. Besides the market, many of the local stores offer souvenirs and crafts typical of the region. Get there before 10 am in order to get the most out of the trip, before the arrival of overwhelming crowds.
  • Cotacachi, just a few kilometres up the road, is a town that specializes in leatherwear. The main street is lined with shops selling belts, jackets, bags, vests, and more. There is an abundance of products allowing you to find what you are looking for – all at amazingly cheap prices.
  • San Antonio de Ibarra is renowned for its handmade wood crafts and stone sculptures. Situated just fifteen minutes from the town of Otavalo, San Antonio is ideal for travellers searching for authentic artesanía.
  • Hiking opportunities abound in the area. For example, the Mojanda Lakes, the Cascada de Peguche (waterfalls) and around the San Pablo Lake.



  • 20 guest rooms with private baths and rustic antiques; most have fireplaces. Some have a Jacuzzi tub.


  • Restaurant featuring the finest Ecuadorian and International cuisine
  • 200 year-old grounds with ponds, palms, walks, and roaming llamas
  • The Terrace snack bar with lovely views of the garden
  • Room service
  • Reading area and small library
  • A historical chapel (weddings and other events)



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