Kontiki Yacht

Kontiki Yacht
Kontiki Expeditions is the first boutique yacht cruise to sail the coast of Ecuador. Kontiki Wayra is the company’s first ship, which was manufactured in 2011 and underwent renovations in 2021.
During the eight-day voyage, our yacht becomes a temple of wellness and discovery that sails along the coast of Ecuador, revealing unexplored land and sea and providing superb comfort, beauty and attention to detail.


The Staterooms

Nine exclusive staterooms are designed with a contemporary flair and the finest materials, for maximum comfort, a fitting complement to the beauty of the surroundings and the panoramic views that can be enjoyed from every corner. Our visitors will find the staterooms a welcoming space to enjoy the privileged feeling of "neo-luxury."

The guests  can feel the warmth and coziness of a space carefully designed to make you feel right at home. Wooden floors,  upholstered headboards, grasscloth wallcoverings, soft natural light, beautiful bathrooms, and a plush bed to lay down, work in unison for an unforgettable stay. In the suite, a small private library is available for those who like to relax while reading; organic local snacks and freshly ground local coffee offer a taste of Ecuadorean flavors; and, an array of natural personal care items are there to pamper our visitors.

Onboard Activities

Enjoy a variety of water sports: kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling and more. An intimate, serene spa and a gym add to your on-board wellness experience.

A yoga class in the sundeck or fitness time in the gym should prolong into a visit to the cozy spa, where hedonists can indulge in a hot stone massage before heading up to take a bath in our beautiful whirlpool overlooking. the coastline. Mindful traveling onboard the yacht is also about slowing down to enjoy time for self-care and wellness.

Outdoor Areas

Outdoor spaces that inspire serenity and foster relaxation. Enjoy the opportunity to connect and disconnect in a variety of areas including the Organic Bar, the Chill Parlour or the Jacuzzi.

In the sundeck, the bartender awaits at the Organic Bar displaying an impressive tasting of his signature cocktails with exotic tropical flavors, slushies made with ice brought from the snowcapped volcano Chimborazo, and an array of specialty local artisan beers ready for Kontikiers to chill and enjoy the perfect sunset.

Culinary Experience

The “farm-to-table” and “dock-to-table” epicurean experiences are a fit complement to onboard wellness activities. Foodies will enjoy an exclusive tasting of the rarest and most valuable chocolate in the world: To'ak. Aged in wood barrels, in a process similar to winemaking, this chocolate will surprise the most demanding palates bringing singular notes from the forests where the cocoa beans are grown. Organic local products, sustainably sourced and tastefully prepared, are the key ingredients for an unforgettable gastro-cultural escapade.

Onboard Connectivity

High-speed connectivity for travelers who want to share their experiences or don’t want to miss their favorite shows, while respecting the preferences of those who wish to disconnect and “be forgotten” during the voyage.



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