Uncorcac rural ecolodges

Uncorcac rural ecolodges

UNORCAC - Union of farm organizations of Cotacachi

In order to develop authentic and sustainable rural community tourism , it is necessary to interact directly with the indigenous communities. We want the tourist to experience a unique lifestyle as well as an expanded world vision. This encounter will allow the visitor to experience direct contact with natureshare daily life with local people and have the opportunity to learn from them. In other words, a more human style of tourism, where authenticity and nature are the foundations.

UNORCAC directly helps rural development with intercultural identity, in a balanced fashion. You will have experiences with a point of view different from any other. With this objective in mind, we offer accommodations in our rural lodges located within the communities. Here the tourist may share the indigenous culture, enjoy a new environment, experience a different lifestyle, and take pleasure in the nearness of nature and traditional living.

We also offer different kinds of excursions, that involve treks, community visits, horse-riding, (downhill) biking, Andean climbing and hikes in Intag's Cloud Forest, among many others, all of them guided by native guides.

The rural lodges are located in the indigenous communities where you will enjoy the tranquility of the country, the hospitality of your host family and the cultural authenticity of the region.

The lodges are located in four different communities spread in the foothills of the Cotacachi Volcano. Each host family keeps a home garden, a beautiful space where dozens of vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals and medicinal plants - most of which are native to the Andes- are kept for everyday use. Your stay at the lodge affords a unique opportunity to share in everyday life including visits to the home gardens to taste and learn from your hosts about the plants and crops that they conserve, and their culinary or medicinal uses. The characteristics that define the rural lodges are cleanliness, security, and authenticity.

The opportunity to observe and share in the daily life of the Quichua host families will expand your horizons and make your visit to the communities a unique and unforgettable experience.


  • Tour of the indigenous communities
  • Trekking around Cuicocha lake
  • Trekking to the Fuya-Fuya Mountain and Mojanda Lakes
  • Horse-riding Trek through indigenous Communities
  • Biking Downhill to the Subtropical Cloud Forest
  • Climbing up the Cotacachi or Imbabura Volcano
  • Trekking to the Piñan Lakes and the Cloud Forest
  • Exploring Agricultural and Culinary traditions

Nearby attractions

  • Cotacachi Cayapas ecological reserve: The Ecological Reserve Cotacachi-Cayapas comprises 200,000 hectares of diverse landscape and offers the opportunity to experience a variety of adventures in close contact with nature. Within the reserve there are more than 20,000 species of plants including the largest naturally formed orchid in the world. A habitat to over 500 species of birds including the majestic condor, the symbol of the reserve. Also within the reserve there are many large mammals within their natural habitat, such as the spectacled bear, the jaguar, the deer and the highland wolf.
  • Cuicocha lake: lies within one of its ancient volcanic craters and has a depth of approximately 200 m. Three large volcanic domes protrude from the waters creating two small islands. Crystal waters a kaleidoscope of changing colours - from silver to cobalt and emerald green. 
  • Cotacachi volcano:  A majestic snow-capped volcano which reaches 4,939 m above sea level.
  • Highlands & Piñan lakes: This region is irrigated by beautiful crystal rivers and gentle streams which are home to many different types of fish including trout. The diversity of the fauna and flora lends the waters a spectacular natural emerald colour.  
  • Local culture: Nearby artisan villages each with a diferent trade and possibilities to visit the workshops of master weavers, musical instrument shops, Andean music studios, Shaman rituals, woodcarver wokshops. The most famous attraction is the indigenous market at Otavalo the largest in South America.


Each lodges consists of one bedroom with a fireplaceprivate bathroom, hot shower, and beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The furnishings are simple and comfortable with single and/or double beds. You will enjoy traditional meals prepared with ancestral crops freshly harvested from the adjacent fields. Each lodge can house up to three adult visitors.



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