Volcano land

Volcano land

Volcano Land is just one and a half hours away from Quito at the foothills of Rumiñahui volcano at Hacienda El Porvenir that, in turn, is merely twenty minutes from the town of Machachi and five minutes from the northern from the northern entrance of Cotopaxi National Park

Volcanoes which surround the hacienda, are: Cotopaxi, Sincholaqua, Rumiñahua, and Pasochoa.

Volcano Land ("Tierra del Volcan") offers eco-tourism and adventure. in an area located within Cotopaxi National Park and a name inspired by that formidable volcano and many others, especially Rumiñahui and Pasochoa. Tierra del Volcán altogether has three haciendas available in the foothills of different volcanoes that surround majestic Cotopaxi, each with its own magic, ecosystem and distinctive climate. With us you will be lodged in fascinating hacienda houses and to experience the adrenaline rush of living an adventure with experts who will share unforgettable moments with you.

The farm house, or "casa de hacienda", the name given in Ecuador's highlands to these large buildings, was built with local materials: straw, eucalyptus wood, adobe and sun-dried brick. A place where our guests can enjoy a comfortable and functional stay.


A broad range of activities are available at Volcanoland, from having lunch in the mud-walled and straw-roofed farmhouse, walking around the premises enjoying magnificent vistas while immersed in an awe-inspiring landscape, feeding the Normand calves, or resting in front of an inviting fireplace, all the way to spending several days making different tours. You can aslo practice rappelling, bird watching, camping, cultural experiences, and more.

Because of the farm's privileged location, it is possible to take on hikes in forests 3,300 meters (10,800-feet) above sea level covered with native birch and other species, and then descend to the banks of the Pita River that flows through lava formations deposited by ancient eruptions amidst waterfalls and ravines. Peace is found in the wonderful atmosphere of this mountain road that goes down to the valley of Chillos, a road exclusively used by Volcano Land.

It is possible to organize horseback rides up to the highest point in Rumiñahui's slopes over fields covered with straw along hidden trails and a dazzling landscape that encompasses several of our Andean volcanoes. Silence is pleasant in these surroundings among colorful rosemary, yellow, pink, and lilac basswood, and the eternal "chuquiragua." Several species of falcon, "guarros", "curiquingues", "quilicos", and perhaps a condor and its mate followed by their fledglings can be watched while they go out for a flight above the summit of the volcano.

The more daring tourists are offered the chance to climb impressive peaks, to trek along small valleys hidden between mountain folds, to make exciting bicycle tours through exclusive paths, or to ride on horseback on endless and unimaginably beautiful terrain.

The range of possibilities includes a visit to Cotopaxi National Park and, especially, to the "hacienda" El Tambo and its hut located on the slopes of Quilindaña that recalls the existence of an ancient "tambo" or aboriginal shelter on the pre-Columbian road that went up to the sources of the Napo River.

Other activities include fishing, climbing the Quilindaña, horseback riding up to Cotopaxi's very foothills and visiting Curipugyo, Ventanillas, the Magmas valley, the crater of the extinguished El Pailon volcano, or the magical Pantzas el Torino forest. 

Main activities & attractions

  • Cotopaxi volcano & National park : counts with an interpretation center to learn about the highest active volcano in the world. Limpiopungo (or "open door") lagoon where excellent pictures of Cotopaxi, Sincholagua and Ruminahui can be taken. If we stay at the Park the whole day, we will reach the refuge on the volcano's foothills at 4,800 meters above sea level. Then we will visit Pucara del Salitre, the ancient Inca military fortress that controlled the "inca trails", or old roads to the jungle, and the valley of Latacunga.
  • Mountain Bike: Exciting down-hill rides are possible from the Cotopaxi parking lot at 4,500 meters above sea level all the way to the farm house. Down-hill and cross-country combination is another possibility.
  • Trekking: Tierra del Volcán is ideal for acclimatization. It is possible to plan trekking routes starting at 3,000 to up to 4,800 meters above sea level. We'll take you to places with an abundance of cascades at Pasochoa volcano following the course of the Pita river. We can also do trekking during several days.
  • The "Hacienda": Milking is a perfect and relaxing activity after a morning full of emotions. Furthermore, it is the most important event in the "hacienda" when we can help to milk the Normand cows or feed their lively calves.
  • Andean Forest: If you love nature, this is your opportunity to get acquainted with high mountain forests (from 3,200 to 3,500 meters above sea level). To do this, we will go to Hacienda Santa Rita located at the Pasochoa volcano where we will take a walk through paths inside the native Andean forest.
  • Climbing Ruminahui volcano: We will cross vast "paramo" land, awed by the beauty of the scenery. The climb will continue towards the summit wherefrom it is possible to admire the impressive valleys of Lasso and Latacunga. If the day is clear, we may catch a glimpse of Illinizas, and Chimborazo (the highest snow-capped mountain of Ecuador) and, perhaps, even Tungurahua currently in activity.
  • Climbing Pasochoa: In our opinion, Pasochoa is the perfect mountain to begin an adventure towards higher Andean crests. The route is simple and, besides, very beautiful. Pasochoa is an extinct volcano. The ascent is easy and very exciting and the top is reached at 4,200 meters above sea level. Again, this climb is recommended for acclimatization.
  • El Tambo: Paradise in the Andes!!! Here you can undertake any of your favorite activities: horseback riding, mountain bike, trekking, etc. This place is quite removed from "civilization" and you can experience living the way our ancestors did - without electricity and watching the stars as never before ... so close to heaven! El Tambo is an "hacienda", or farm, named after a pre-Hispanic refuge and Inca provisioning center en route to the eastern jungles. This wonderful place is hidden in a magical corner of the Andes surrounded by several volcanoes, among them Quilindana. In a cottage built with straw and stone - that fell from several Cotopaxi eruptions - carved by ancestral hands, and in front of a warm fireplace, the guests can eat and sleep comfortably with the assurance of good food and a hot bath and, above all, they will be staying in an absolutely marvelous location.
  • Horseback riding: It is possible to ride from 2 hours to up to 8 days. Following a brief lecture on horseback riding, we will dress up in the "chagra" (Andean cowboy) attire.  Then we will begin our ride through the majestic Ruminahui "paramos" almost reaching the volcano peaks through several paths from which we will be able to watch the brave bulls, the wild horses and the local flora and fauna amidst the marvelous Ecuadorian highlands landscape. It is possible to embark on a beautiful 5-day journey on horseback exploring the landscapes of the Cotopaxi National Park and our three "haciendas" in the area. We will be riding from 5 to 7 hour a day, so we highly recommend you be an experienced rider.The accommodations are as varied as the riding - with overnight stays in tents in the wilderness and mountain farmhouses.
  • Multisport adventures: Combine horseback riding, mountain biking and trekking under the watchfull eye of the Avenue of the volcanoes. You can request a custom itinerary or take our 5 day journey with an optional climb to the summit of Cotopaxi once you are acclimatized.
  • Zipline Canopy tour: At hacienda Santa Rita by the foothills of Pasochoa volcano. Canyon del Salto Canopy Tour, a zip line system based on harnesses and pulleys attached to an inclined cable, taking advantage of gravity. El Cañón del Salto Canopy Tour is a safe way to admire High Mountain forest form a different perspective. This is an environmentally friendly adventure; it gives people with few or no climbing techniques knowledge, the chance to live an exciting experience. El Cañón del Salto Canopy Tour has 7 cables between 180 and 420 meters long. This system can hold up to two tons of weight suspended. One ton grounded anchorages hold  the cables strengthened. A climbing via-Ferrata is also available.



The comfortable and well-appointed rooms, each named after a local "machai" (shelter): Carneri Machai, Curiquingue Machai, Puma Machai, etc.

More than merely formal, the bedrooms recall the huts of the Andean highlands with their straw roofs and "Estera" walls, "estera" being the name given to a reed or cattail fabric woven by the skilled hands of our craftsmen. Each room can lodge two persons, with the exception of the spacious master bedroom that can accommodate a family of four. 

Close to the straw that covers the roofs, sleep is easy in these rooms with "esteras" woven by skilled hands, curtains made of ancestral hemp cloth, and soft and comfortable beds


Volcano Land lodges its guests in the "casa de hacienda", or farmhouse, provides comfortable shelter and protection through suitable use of modest materials such as brick, straw, eucalyptus wood, and adobe.

  • The dining room is warmed by a fireplace built of mud walls. The room overlooks a large courtyard surrounded with buildings used for farming purposes. 
  • Game room: An impressive backdrop is the ever-changing Sincholagua volcano and the magnificent cone-shaped Cotopaxi that can be admired from the window of the upstairs game room.
  • Two living rooms - one in the bedroom area - provide a pleasant atmosphere for reading, talking, and resting after a busy day filled with exciting activities.
  • The patio: The house's functional heart, a meeting place warmed during the night by an old bread oven. A band provides music for dancing on feast days. In sunny mornings, the patio is an ideal spot that protects you from the cool breeze.
  • Next to the patio is "La Tienda". You will be fascinated with its artistic ceramic objects and fabrics handmade by local craftsmen, ponchos, scarves, articles for your personal care, souvenirs and postcards.
  • Kitchen
  • Store rooms
  • Four bathrooms
  • Saddle room: a room where saddles and riding paraphernalia are kept, and other services that provide our guests with all the comforts that can be expected in these Andean latitudes. 



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